rapid creation of management applications


LODO is a software framework we have developed with one goal in mind:
help us creating custom management applications in a rapid way.

We just define the schema of the data, and LODO generates the application,
with all the basic functionalities out of the box.
And we can only concentrate on business logic.

LODO generates applications that run on PCs and smartphones, and that have a modern and clean interface, which adapts to smaller and bigger screens, and is fully reactive: when one user update the data, other users see the data changing, in a really multi-user and collaborative experience.

With LODO we are able to release early and release often: from first specifications to online in hours, from development to production in minutes, and every time the customer chenges his mind, we can make modifications and push them in production in minutes.


some of the features implemented in LODO:

  • Manage any data types
  • Simple and complex data types are supported, each with its own specific editing widget for optimal user expereience:

  • strings

  • array of strings

  • multiline texts

  • integer numbers

  • array of integer numbers

  • float numbers

  • array of float numbers

  • emails

  • booleanis and checkboxs

  • dates

  • times

  • date and time

  • radio select

  • multiple select

  • relation to other doc (1:1)

  • relation to other doc (1:N)

  • images (upload)

  • array of images (upload)

  • files (upload)

  • array of files (upload)

  • nested documents

  • Frontend
  • Applications created with LODO are designed to run on PCs as well as on smartphones and tablets: basically they run on anything with a browser. When available, apps leverage touch capabilities of the device, otherwise they also perfectly fit in 4K modern displays.

  • Reactive
  • Applications created with LODO are fully reactive: when more users are contemporary logged-in, and some of them are updating data, all other users see data in the gui updating in realtime. Just like you are used to do in Google Docs™.

  • Relations
  • With LODO it's possible to create relations on the fly between any tables in the database, and the generated CRUD interface will represent these relations with appriate selection widgets: these widgets let the user select related docs only from the correct related table, with free text search, text autocompletion, or items list selection.

  • Data querying
  • Final users of an application made with LODO, can leverage a powerful visual query editor to create their own queries with just clicks, and save them for later reuse or for dashboard population. Queries not only works on any fields, but also on relations, at arbitrary Nth level of relations, and on any fields of related objects. For example in a few clicks users che define a query such as: "Give me all the authors that wrote books edited by an editor that has an office in Rome".

  • Roles and permissions
  • A very flexible and powerful approach has been used in the roles and permissions system of applications created with LODO. The granularity acts at a level of tables, or single fields of a table, or even single docs in a table. You can define permissions such as: "User can view only projects created from himself or belonging to an area where the user itself is also assigned".

  • Customization
  • LODO lets you create applications the rapid way, automatically generating CRUD templates for all of your data. But if you need it's always possibile to customize anything: from templating to business logic, defining completely custom forms or widgets, or management processes.

  • Dashboard
  • Each user of an application made with LODO has a private and cutomizable dashboard, where he can add results of his custom queries. All updating in a reactive fashion.

  • Easily creates communities
  • Each object in your data can be turned in a user able to authenticate to the application: you can easily open the application access to your customers, or suppliers, obviously with reduced and custom permissions on what they'll read or write

  • Continuous upgrade
  • Each application created with LODO shares the latest version of the framework code, so that each time we release a new LODO framework version, all applications generated with it are automatically upgradable.


This is just a demonstrative website, and it's not meant to precisely enumerate features of our software or lists of our services. If you are interested in our products or services, or if you just want more technical or commercial informations about them, please feel free to contact us: we'll appreciate your feedback and we'll be glad to answer your questions.